Abitibi River Forest Management Inc.
Indigenous Peoples Policy

September 27, 2023

Abitibi River Forest Management Inc. (ARFMI) is a unique alliance of forest resource management partners striving to maximize the economic, social and environmental benefits to the businesses and communities where they live and work. The Company’s strategic direction originates from the local harvesters, forest products producers and First Nations who are members in the cooperative.

ARFMI recognizes the historical and current use of the land, water and forests by the Indigenous people who live in communities on or near the Abitibi River Forest. We respect traditional knowledge. We recognize the important cultural, social, economic and environmental contributions that the natural resources located within the Abitibi River Forest make to Indigenous people and their communities.

It is ARFMI’s Policy to:

  • Recognize and respect the constitutional, legal and treaty rights of Indigenous people
  • Communicate with Indigenous people and their communities on matters related to forest management planning
  • Protect known cultural sites and other values important to Indigenous people
  • Support forest management planning consultation initiatives between government and Indigenous People
  • Share forest management information with Indigenous Peoples in an open and transparent manner
  • Encourage and support the sharing and participation of Indigenous People in economic benefits provided through forest management

This ARFMI policy will be reviewed and approved annually at the Annual General Shareholders Meeting.